Coming in 2023 :

Page for seeing weekly expected moves of popular stock

Video tutorials

Proper domain name

New column available: Percentage move and Probability of option being ITM at expiration

March 2023 version :

Added the investing calculator

Added a screenshot mode, optional columns and optional paging

January 2023 version :

Added smart strike range selection based on Implied volatility

Added date selection buttons for better selecting next days/hours.

Added compact version for mobile browsing

Improved IV prediction logic for short term expiry


The website is launched for the first time with basic functionality and design.
The underlying server-side logic and functionality is developed and implemented.
A visually appealing and user-friendly front-end interface for the website is designed and created.
Thorough testing is conducted to ensure the proper functioning of the website under real-world usage scenarios.
A comprehensive trading strategy guide (TSG) is developed and implemented.
Measures are taken to address and mitigate long-term volatility issues.
Historical implied volatility data is obtained and analyzed for comparative purposes.
A feature is added to predict potential volatility movements in proximity to expiration dates.
Support for dividend-related information and analysis is added.
Exploration and consideration of integrating real-time data providers, subject to adoption and feasibility.
A personal inflation calculator is incorporated into the website.
A profit calculation feature for cryptocurrency wallets is added to the website.
An investment return target calculator is developed and added to the website.
The ability to export results in CSV format is added for further analysis and record-keeping.
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